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Stunning and Sustainable: Heubach Launches Hostatint SA for Luxurious Wood Finishes

Stunning and Sustainable: Heubach Launches Hostatint SA for Luxurious Wood Finishes

  • Advanced solutions for tinting natural wood stains and oils
  • Safe and sustainable with no need for special labeling
  • Superior fastness properties compared to traditional dyes

The Heubach Group, a leading provider of comprehensive color solutions has launched their latest advanced pigment preparations for luxurious wood finishes. An optimal solution for tinting natural wood stains and oils that are derived from oils such as linseed. As such Hostatint SA preparations do not require special labelling, making them perfect to replace traditional dyes.

With low viscosity, advanced sedimentation behavior, high tinting strength and consistent quality, they are easy to handle and restrict migration into waterborne or solvent borne topcoats.

“Unlike any other material, natural wood can create a warm and beautiful atmosphere. It is extremely versatile and has been described as ‘the new concrete’, used for everything from new building structures and façade cladding to green space fencing and interior decoration. Hostatint SA helps to maintain, preserve and enhance this common building material with your color of choice,” said Alexander Wörndle, Global Technical Marketing Coatings at Heubach.

In addition to this new product line, Heubach offers further pigment preparations lines for wood coatings – from traditional to contemporary shades.

The recently re-formulated Hostatint UV 100 product range is the next generation of high-performance colorants for UV cured wood coatings. This new version is especially designed for industrial coatings and wood finishes and has been engineered without the inclusion of Hexandioldiacrylate (HDDA); it allows for compliance with requirements of major furniture and consumer goods producers.

Hostafine, based on non-ionic dispersing and wetting agents and glycol, is designed for water-based wood treatments and dye replacement offering superior fastness and outstanding transparency for furniture and flooring while the water-based Colanyl 100 offers a huge color range ideal for furniture.

The new Licosperse pigment preparations for sustainable wood coatings, polishes, and other oil-or wax-based products were launched in 2021. The portfolio comprises brilliant shades from traditional to eye-catching, is made without the use of heavy metals and resin free, non-toxic and non-flammable. Additionally, the ready-to-use blends help to save time and money in the coloration process.

Visualization of attainable effect in clear lacquer at 1% and 5% dosage of Hostatint SA Transoxide Yellow 2R, Transoxide Red B and Black N on anigre verneer.


Heubach’s outstanding and innovative wide range of pigment preparations for wood coatings delivers a versatile replacement to traditional dyes suitable for different application fields, helping to protect wood and enhance its natural beauty, providing a variety of ways for manufacturers to achieve the desired light fastness and opacity needs in their wood coatings and decorative stains.

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