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EcoSol: A Path to More Convenient, Safer, Precise Packaging!

EcoSol: A Path to More Convenient, Safer, Precise Packaging!

When we think of packaging, our minds often go to papers or plastics that surround a product and must be thrown away or reused after the contents have been removed. However, PVA dissolvable packaging is another growing, desirable option for a variety of markets. Cortec discusses some of the advantages, opportunities, and historical use of EcoSol below.

Advantages of Water-Soluble Plastic Film

EcoSol is a PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) packaging film that dissolves in water at room temperature. This special characteristic offers several advantages for specialty packaging applications.

  1. Precision: Products that are added to a watery environment can be dosed precisely by the manufacturer. All the end user has to do is place the EcoSol pouch or package directly into the environment where it needs to go.
  2. Safety: Chemicals or contaminated items packaged inside EcoSol can be handled without touching them directly. Since EcoSol is water-soluble and biodegradable, it is also less likely to pollute the environment like other forms of plastic packaging.
  3. Convenience: The previous two characteristics are part of the greater overall convenience of EcoSol packaging. Application of the encapsulated product simply means tossing the entire unit—bag and all—into the target area without extra mess or hassle.

Expand Packaging Options with EcoSol

EcoSol has good mechanical properties and is heat sealable, allowing it to be made into bags, sachets, or pouches for a wide range of products. Some examples are as follows.

  • Healthcare – EcoSol can be made into bags for dirty laundry or contaminated instruments. When collected, these bags can be thrown directly into the washing machine or parts washers to eliminate direct contact with dirty items.
    While the linens or instruments are cleaned, the EcoSol bag is washed away, leaving its clean contents behind.
  • Agriculture – fertilizers or other soil or livestock nutrients can be packaged in EcoSol and easily mixed with water for final application.
  • Construction – EcoSol is a great way to package concrete additives. The pouches can be tossed into ready-mix water to dissolve prior to adding cementitious materials.
  • Water Treatment – EcoSol is an excellent packaging and dosing choice for biologicals and nutrients that will be added to wastewater, or for corrosion inhibitors and scale removers that will be added to industrial boilers or heat exchangers. The film will dissolve quickly in these warm, wet environments.
  • Cleaning Supplies – EcoSol can be used to wrap detergent cartridges that can be inserted touch-free into the dishwasher. It is also a great way to package powder cleaning concentrates for easy addition to buckets of wash water.
  • Personal Care Products – EcoSol can be made into disposable cases for beauty products or used to wrap bathing products that will be directly thrown into bath water (e.g., bath salts).

The list goes on, with many other creative and practical uses.

Preventing Product Loss

EcoSol Film was able to take packaging in a new direction for an agriculture supplement company that packaged manure and feed additives in regular bags. When the powders were dumped out of the bags for application, the wind sometimes carried part of the product away. Using EcoSol allowed the company to package the manure additive powders in pouches that customers could add directly to a watery environment without fear of product loss.

Make Life Easier with EcoSol

Dissolvable packaging is an excellent solution for many packaging applications. The chief benefit is to make life easier for the end user, which in turn makes business easier for manufacturers who want products to work well for customers. If you have an application that might benefit from water-soluble packaging, contact Cortec to discuss EcoSol options.


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